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Synchronous, Educational Opportunities

Workshops provide participants with curated readings and other forms of media, facilitated conversations in small and large groups, moments for reflecting on observations of oneself and others, time for developing an action plan in consultation with stakeholders, and opportunities to network with past workshop participants. Each cohort of participants is unique but structured to create a community of honesty and support. 

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Workshop length and duration can be adjustment to fit any organization's needs. Here are some structures that have worked well for groups in the past:

Introduction to Interrogating Bias

1-2 hour session with a short pre-read, facilitated conversation, and small group activity.

Original Interrogating Bias

1.5 hour session each week for 6 weeks with pre-reads and other activities, facilitated conversation, small groups, and development of a specific individualized or group action.

Interrogating Bias in One Day

6-8 hour session with breaks with big and small group activities, facilitated conversation, development of a specific individualized or group action, and suggested readings. 


Interrogating Bias for Staff started during the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to a remote set-up that works well. Even as in-person workshops resume, remote workshops can continue to be an option for groups that do not work or live in the same geographical location.



Participants are assigned short readings and other forms of media from trusted authors and sources. They are encouraged to dig into additional resources provided and conduct research on their own.


Participants engage in reflective activities on their own and use those reflections to think critically about causes of inequity. These activities also help participants to develop connections with one another.



Participants leave workshops with a better understanding of oppression that helps to inform their actions going forward. A final outcome of the workshop is a plan that they can implement in their work and daily life.


Anyone who wants to develop more awareness of bias in themselves, others, and society is welcome to organize a workshop. If there isn't an existing workshop that fits a specific audience you are part of or have in mind, let's collaborate to create one that will best fit that audience's needs.



Please inquire using the contact form on the homepage regarding pricing and to set up a free consultation meeting. Pricing depends on whether your needs can be met by an existing workshop curriculum, whether you are planning to train co-facilitators for future workshops, and the type of institution or community for which the workshop is intended. If you are interested in workshops, let's find a way to make them work for you.

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